In press: Wacana Seni Volume 21, 2022

Telling a Compelling Story: An Exploration of Cognitive Simplicity in Comic Book Design and Characterisation as Visual Communication for Political, Cultural and Social Influence
Stephen T.F. Poon

Trisutji Kamal's Loro Jonggrang: A Cross-Cultural Dissonance
Marusya Nainggolan, Melani Budianta, Nya Ina Raseuki and Harsa Wibawa

The Lifeworld of Millennial Stage Actors in Metro Manila: A Schutzian Phenomenological Study
Jalaine Joyce V. Malabanan, Jose Mari A. Carpena and F.P.A. Demeterio III

Consumer-Based Product Creativity, Product-Brand Fit, and Product-Category Fit: Which is More Influential in Consumer Responses?
Soo In Shim and Yi Sheng Goh

Visitors’ Interaction in an Experiential Designed Environment: a Case Study of a Multimedia Gallery
Elyna Amir Sharji, Lim Yan Peng, Peter Charles Woods and Rose Linda Zainal Abidin

Acoustic Effects of the Singing Voice Quality of Untrained Female Singers in Malaysia
Wei Shean Ter and Kwan Yie Wong

Mapping the Queer Body: Queer Tropes and Malayalam Cinema
Rajesh James and Sathyaraj Venkatesan

Propaganda dan Perang Saraf British di Tanah Melayu melalui Malayan Film Unit (MFU) 1946-1957
Chellitda Farhana Gunaish, Mohd Firdaus Abdullah and Wan Hasmah Wan Teh

Interview: Art in Health: Malaysian Experience
Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Bakri and Mohammad Kamal Sabran

Book Review: Richard Perez and Victoria A. Chevalier (Eds). The Palgrave Handbook of Magical Realism in the Twenty-First Century. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham (Switzerland), 2020. xxi + 650 pp. ISBN: 9783030398347
Reviewed by David H.J. Neo