About the Journal

Journal of Asian Geography (JAG) will provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on addressing matters of societal and environmental consequences, in particular the interface or interconnection between society and the environment. Content of the proposed journal shall address current and relevant issues at local, national, regional and global context, or even the influence of the global at the local level. Research articles accepted and published should relate to urban and regional development, and coastal-marine environment in Asia. It welcomes diverse approaches of methodologies and philosophies and engages a broad range of readership across academic, education, policy and the general communities.

The journal will provide a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge and thoughts in which geographers and researchers from other fields can provide informed opinion on current public debates. It will also allow academics and the general public to be up to date on current debates and issues relating to the region and globally. In this challenging era particularly, it can provide an avenue for academic and public debates relating to issues of globalisation, transboundary, the socio-economic and physical environment, health and pandemics, socio-cultural and economic challenges faced by communities, government and regions in order to move forward in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both policy and theoretical implications of topics and the focus on urban and regional development from the domestic and international contexts would be appropriate in bringing together pressing issues of the current era.


Aims & Scope

Journal of Asian Geography aims to contribute to theoretical and empirical-based discourses to help address problems related to geography within Asia or any other regions that have linkages with Asia. The ultimate goal of the journal is promoting research activities on geographical science in Asia. Subject areas considered in the journal include, but are not

limited to, physical geography, human geography, remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), humanities, social and environmental sciences.

Journal of Asian Geography is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality research papers and review articles. The journal welcomes high-quality submissions that report results from original and novel research, which contribute new knowledge to help address problems related to geography within Asia or any other regions that have linkages with Asia. Review articles should critically evaluate current literature and identification of future research directions on geographical studies in or linking to Asia. The themes include:

· climate change & environmental issues

· water resources management

· economic restructuring

· production and consumption

· entrepreneurship

· transportation

· urban sociology

· rural futures and agriculture

· biogeography

· spatial inequality

· socio-cultural development

· sustainable cities and communities

· health and political issues

· disaster risk reduction,

· etc.