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Intention of Rural Community Entrepreneurs towards Product Commercialization


This article explores the rural entrepreneurs' intention to commercialize their product. Based on
qualitative data derived from the focus group interviews, contents of interview data of 25 rural
entrepreneurs are analyzed. Results show all rural entrepreneurs still require financial support
and advice, mentoring program and consultancy in terms of management, marketing and
financial management. However many of them were not aware and get access to financial/nonfinancial assistance, and the availability of programs arranged by the government due to (i) lack
of networking and (ii) lack of accessibility to information. These bring attention to the
importance of entrepreneurial support and guidance in dealing with challenges faced by rural
entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The findings are valuable to rural entrepreneurs, researchers, and
policy makers in understanding the mindset of rural entrepreneurs, as well as highlighting the
significant support which start-up rural entrepreneur need. Apart from that, the findings offer
useful inputs to policy makers towards improving the existing rural entrepreneurial support
system in Malaysia. Future researchers may benefit from the study by alternating the design to
quantitative methods to understand the relationships between intention to commercialize and
entrepreneur support. Given the lack of studies on the matter, this article has the merit to identify
critical supports that rural entrepreneurs need.


Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur intention, Commercialization, Rural community, Rural Entrepreneurs