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Insight of Mushroom Entrepreneurs Incubator on Start-Up Success to Growth


The purpose of this paper is to explore the insight of rural entrepreneurs on their start-up success
of oyster mushroom business. This study employs in-depth interviews with five rural
entrepreneurs whom happened to be the participants of Government-University-Community
engagement program, initiated by RTP (Rural Transformation Program), NBOS (National Blue
Ocean Strategy) and USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). The selection of these entrepreneurs
participants in this mushroom incubator program was based on; (i) their intention and effort to
start-up an enterprise, (ii) owning some space and/or land (compulsory) to build the mushroom
house, and (iii) commitment to learn and grow with the business (participants attended several
workshops and training sessions on mushroom cultivation and entrepreneurship program). The
findings reveal that the rural entrepreneur start-up success is derived from; (i) higher level of
entrepreneurial intent, (ii) financial and non-financial supports, and (iii) their intention to grow
and sustain the business. The findings are valuable to rural entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy
makers in understanding the importance of entrepreneurial support and guidance.


Mushroom Entrepreneurs Incubator, Entrepreneurial Support, Start-up Success