Input Process Output (IPO) AI Chatbot as Personal Learning Assistant for Programming Coursework


  • Abdul Harith Hasan
  • Mohd Faiz Hilmi


Social network services (SNS), such as Telegram, plays an important role as a platform for the students and teachers as most students in programming courses currently lack support to communicate outside the classroom. Conversational agent or Chatbot is integrated into SNS can be the ideal teacher assistants to answer and propose personalized questions to students. The proposed AI Chatbot application helps students analyze programming related problems using the Input-Process-Output (IPO) analysis was fully utilized, viewed and later documented by ten selected students based on standardized test scores. UTAUT model was used to measure the acceptance of newly introduced Chatbot. The findings demonstrate that the students had a positive perception of performance and effort expectancy, attitude, social influence, facilitating conditions, self-efficacy and behavioral intent while the anxiety constructs are low. The result indicates the need for a fully functioning IPO Chatbot consisting of solutions to programming questions involving other control structures.