• Asian Academy of Management Journal

    The Asian Academy of Management Journal (AAMJ) is a refereed journal that is jointly published by the Asian Academy of Management (AAM) and Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia. The journal endeavors to provide forums for academicians and practitioners who are interested in the discussion of current and future issues and challenges impacting the Asian Management as well as promoting and disseminating relevant, high quality research in the field of management. The journal has an established and long history of publishing quality research findings from researchers not only in the Asian region but also globally. It is a journal published by an APEX university and currently indexed in Scopus, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) and EBSCO databases.

    AAMJ is listed in ERA Ranked Journal List.

    We welcome papers from both academicians and practitioners on theories, business models, conceptual paradigms, academic research, consultancy projects, as well as organizational practices. In particular, papers which consider the following general topics are invited:

    Human Resource; Leadership and Work Values; Marketing; Internationalisation; Corporate Governance; Technology Management; SME and Entrepreneurship; Banking; Economics; and other areas related to Management.


  • Wacana Seni Journal of Arts Discourse

    Wacana Seni Journal of Arts Discourse, a refereed journal of the School of the Arts, published by Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, promotes the advancement of scholarly knowledge about visual art, performance art, music and design particularly in Malaysia and Asia. The journal publishes scholarly articles, research paper and findings, artist’s project, conversational dialogues with prominent artists, as well as reviews of books, recordings, exhibitions, and performances.

    This journal is abstracted and indexed in Scopus and listed in Index Islamicus, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Ranked Journal List, Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM), Stanford University Library, Google Scholar, MyCite, and Asean Citation Index. Also available on EBSCOHost.

    Wacana Seni uses ScholarOne Manuscripts, a web based system for the submission and reviewing processes of articles. Researchers interested in submitting their papers must first register at the website at

    All articles are accessible via the journal's website and selected indexing databases.

    For further inquiries please email: Editor-in-Chief: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Safrizal Shahir,


  • Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance

    The Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance (AAMJAF) is a peer reviewed journal published twice a year (May and October) by the Asian Academy of Management (AAM) and Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia. It is a specialized journal focusing on research in Accounting and Finance. The editorial committee of AAMJAF is committed towards ensuring publication of articles that meet high quality standards through its blind review process. AAMJAF is carried in the databases of Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), SCOPUS, RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), Asean Citation Index (ACI), EBSCOHOST, and is included under the Australian Excellence in Research (ERA) Ranked Journal List.

    Aims & Scope

    To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of empirical findings and analytical research in the specialized areas of accounting and finance with special emphasis on scholarly works with policy implications for countries in the Asia Pacific. The following are some of the topical subject areas relevant to the journal (but are not limited to):


    • Financial reporting and accounting standards
    • Auditing issues
    • Value based accounting and its relevance
    • Theory of accounting firm
    • Environmental auditing
    • Corporate governance issues
    • Public sector accounting


    • Valuation of financial assets
    • International capital flows
    • Ownership and agency theory
    • Stock market behavior
    • Investment and portfolio management
    • Islamic banking and finance
    • Microstructures of financial markets

    The editorial committee of the Journal invites papers to be considered for publication in AAMJAF.

    AAMJAF uses ScholarOne Manuscript Central, an online submission and reviewing system. Please use the following link for submission of manuscripts:

  • Tropical Life Sciences Research

    ISSN: 1985-3718
    eISSN: 2180-4249
    Frequency: Three times a year
    Impact Factor: 1.4
    Abstracting/Indexing: SCOPUS, PubMed, ESCI, CAS, CABI, AGRICOLA, Zoological Record, MyCite, Google Scholar, GEOBASE, Embiology, Ulrich, DOAJ, EBSCO and ACI (Asean Citation Index)
    Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

  • International e-Journal of Community and Industry Engagement (IeJCIE)

    The International e-Journal of Community and Industry Engagement (IeJCIE) is established by the Division of Industry and Community Network, Universiti Sains Malaysia, with the intention to provide a forum for disseminating peer-reviewed articles on four areas to the international research community:

    • Community and industry engagement research;
    • Industry linkages and support;
    • Capacity building;
    • Corporate social responsibilities.

    This e-journal will be a platform and forum for sharing of knowledge and experiences in a scholarly manner at international level.

    Objectives Of The E-Journal:

    1. To provide platform for all walks of society to publish their findings and best practices in community and university engagement.
    2. To allow access to peer-reviewed articles and audio-visual publication on community engagement findings, articles and activities.



  • Journal of Contemporary Issues in Media & Communication (JCIMC)

    ISSN 2805-4997

    JCIMC is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal that promotes advancement in the fields of media and communication theory and research. It provides a platform for current debates, critique and analysis in the field of media, research and communication to stimulate contemporary discussions on pressing media issues. The focus is primarily on the aspects of research, practice, policy, theory and application in media and communication. The journal’s key purpose is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to publish and access up-to-date, comprehensive and important research work on communication and its related fields. The journal aims to contribute to the development of integrated and diverse forms of research, by linking aspects of media practice, theory, media literacy and policy.   

    Scope of the Journal: 

    The journal includes a broad range of subjects under media and communication such as film & broadcasting, mass communication, human communication, new media, visual communication, media policies, communication and culture, journalism, public relations, advertising and branding. JCIMC also adopts a multi-disciplinary approach in highlighting debates related to contemporary issues in society and the media industry.  

    Target Readers: 

    Academics, researchers, students, policymakers, media practitioners in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising and other media and communication professionals.  

  • Journal of Asian Geography

    E-ISSN: 2948-5231

    Journal of Asian Geography (JAG) aims to contribute to theoretical and empirical-based discourses to help address problems related to geography within Asia or any other regions that have linkages with Asia. The ultimate goal of the journal is promoting research activities on geographical science in Asia. Subject areas considered in the journal include, but are not limited to, physical geography, human geography, remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), humanities, social and environmental sciences.

  • Malaysian Journal of Distance Education (MJDE)

    Malaysian Journal of Distance Education is devoted to the dissemination of information on research and practices of distance education. It is an international peer-reviewed publication that publishes reports on research findings, theoretical discussions, and technical breakthroughs in the field of distance education and adds considerably to knowledge in this field

  • International Journal of World Civilizations and Philosophical Studies

    The International Journal of World Civilizations and Philosophical Studies (IJWCPS) cordially invites scholars and researchers specializing in World Civilizations, Philosophical Studies, Comparative Religion, Religion and Society, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Western Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Phenomenology, Islamic World History, Alternative Treatment, and Paranormal Studies to showcase their scientific investigations, discoveries, research, and ideas on topics related to these fields.

    The International Journal of World Civilizations and Philosophical Studies (IJWCPS) is an esteemed peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on publishing high-quality articles, book reviews, and research notes. The content published in this journal is subjected to rigorous peer-review processes to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and relevance. The IJWCPS is a valuable resource for audiences interested in understanding the precious aspects of world civilizations and philosophical studies.

    The International Journal of World Civilizations and Philosophical Studies (IJWCPS) is published online biannually in March and September by Pusat Pengajian Ilmu Kemanusiaan Universiti Sains Malaysia. IJWCPS publishes articles in Malay and English. 

    E-ISSN: 3030-5071  

  • MINDEN Journal of History and Archaeology

    The MINDEN: Journal of History and Archaeology is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (May and November). The journal aims to provide a forum for scholars, professionals, practitioners, experts, and researchers with the latest research, analyses, and discussion on the history and archaeology throughout the world. The ultimate goal of the journal is promoting research activities with new knowledge or difference perspectives in history or archaeology. In additional to high-quality articles, this journal also publishes book review and research notes that provided valuable resources for research and study of new interpretations in history or archaeology.