The MINDEN: Journal of History and Archaeology is receptive to varied methodologies and is concerned about history and archaeology in all periods of human history and in all geographical areas of the world. The journal seeks papers that are analytical or interpretive, and special attention will be given to papers offering important new knowledge or different perspectives; utilizing new research techniques or methodologies; comparing history or archaeology issues over space and/or time; evaluating the history or archaeology of varied areas of the world; and singling out the unexplored but promising dimensions of history or archaeology for future research.

The MINDEN: Journal of History and Archaeology presents original research by authors from a variety of fields concerned with history and archaeology. Each issue focuses on writing related (but are not limited) to:

o Politics

o Economics

o Social

o Historiography

o Culture

o Gender

o Governance

o Applied and Local History

o Heritage

o Post-colonial studies

o Archaeology

o Protohistory

o Neolithic

o Paleolithic