About the Journal

JCIMC is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal that promotes advancement in the fields of media and communication theory and research. It provides a platform for current debates, critiques, and analyses in the fields of media, research, and communication to stimulate contemporary discussions on pressing media issues. The focus is primarily on aspects of research, practice, policy, theory, and application in media and communication. The journal’s key purpose is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to publish and access up-to-date, comprehensive, and important research work on communication and its related fields. The journal aims to contribute to the development of integrated and diverse forms of research by linking aspects of media practice, theory, media literacy, and policy. 

Scope of the Journal

The journal includes a broad range of subjects under media and communication, such as film and broadcasting, mass communication, human communication, new media, visual communication, media policies, communication and culture, journalism, PR, advertising, and branding. JCIMC also adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to highlighting debates related to contemporary issues in society and the media industry.

Target Readers

Academics, researchers, students, policymakers, media practitioners in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and other media and communication professionals.